Flood victims at Camelot Apartments clean up

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)– Flood victims are picking up the pieces after flash flood waters filled the Camelot Apartments ​on Robinson Road Tuesday.

Flash flooding trapped people inside their apartment homes causing a massive rescue operation. ​
On Wednesday, those people are safe and are now cleaning up. ​

Flood victims at Camelot Apartments are trying to dry out after flood waters washed into their homes. ​
Antoine Perkins moved his furniture to higher ground, but he is unsure what can actually be saved. ​
“Anything I can salvage I’m going to do that,” said Perkins. “I’m going to try to check with the apartment people cause they came here with IPADS earlier and took pictures of everything for the insurance. It’s just unfortunate. They’re showing a little concern because for them they had to cover their end.”​

Clothes are soaked along with the carpet. He also found his renter’s insurance doesn’t include flood damage. It’s just more bad news ​for Perkins. ​

“The apartment has insurance at every building out here so every building has insurance on ​
it, but in renter’s insurance we don’t have flood insurance so it wasn’t covered by ​it,” said Perkins.​

For this tenant, there is always a silver lining. ​

“Even though it’s a tragedy what I like about it is we’re all coming together. ​
I had people out here I had never seen before just to rescue a child yesterday with a boat people out there. People walked out there. We came together as a community,” said Perkins.​

More than 40 people were rescued. ​

Perkins is trying to figure out how he’ll start over and is considering other apartment complexes. He tells us Camelot wants rent by the first of the month, but Perkins thinks rent should be prorated because of the flooding.

Resident Relations for Camelot Apartments released this statement:

“We recognize the difficulty that the community and our tenants at Camelot Apartments are being subjected to as a result of the severe storm. We are directing tenants in need to local shelters. The Tougaloo Community Center at 318 Vine Street and the Champion Gym at 1325 Hattiesburg are assisting those in need. We have contacted the Red Cross and FEMA. Red Cross was at the property. Maintenance staff is onsite. These dedicated staff are securing potential hazards on the property. We are anxiously waiting for the weather to subside so that assessments and action can be taken to restore the living conditions and habitability to our tenants.”

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