Exclusive Interview: Canton family held at gunpoint in their home


Three males kick down the door and demands for money

Nine people were held at gunpoint in their home while a group of men kicked a door down, demanded money, and shot one of the family members.

Wednesday night in Canton, a family of nine were home when the three men forced their way inside.

Police say as the door was opening, one family member took off running, and one of the gunmen grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down the hall.

Then, another intruder hit the father across the head with a gun.

One member of the family was shot twice and was later transported to the hospital. Details of his condition are unknown at this time.

The suspects demanded money from everyone in the home. Police arrived shortly after the gunmen left.

One person is in custody but his name is not being released.

According to the Canton Police Department, more arrests are expected.

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