Launch Day Scrapped: Perspective from leaders at Mississippi’s Space Center


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – What was supposed to be a historical moment for NASA ended in a scrapped mission on Wednesday. The SpaceX launch is now expected to happen on Saturday after today’s weather in Florida caused NASA to abort the mission.

The rocket was expected to launch the first NASA astronauts from Florida in nine years.

Randy Galloway, Deputy Director of the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, said he was a part of the planning committee to help the rocket have a successful launch.

“I was involved in a lot of the preparatory work for it, going through all of the issues and risks. And I was a part of the readiness and review board,” he explained.

Galloway said the cancellation of SpaceX launch was a result of three critical issues.

“Well, what happened was we ended up being violated on three main rules. There’s about 12 weather rules, but they’re ‘Don’t Launch If.’ And you can separate them from winds of the surface, cloud types and thickness, precipitation and lightning,” he said. “A lot of the rules involve lightning and you have to meet the criteria. So with some of the launches, you run out of time.”

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