Laurel flyers claim KKK endorses Hillary Clinton


LAUREL, Miss. (WJTV) – A white supremacy group wants Mississippians to know they endorse Hillary Clinton.

One Laurel neighborhood is calling the message disruptive.

The Laurel Police Department says there is no cause for concern; however, they just want to get to the bottom of this and find out who’s disrupting the neighborhoods.

There is surveillance video of a white truck driving down a road, throwing something out of the window into residential yards.

The flyers say “The KKK endorses Hillary for President.”

Police collected about 40 of these flyers.

WJTV spoke with Dr. Nathan Shrader, a Political Science Professor at Millsaps College.

He says’s dirty campaign tricks are often what other organizations use to deflect attention away from candidates.

“It’s unfortunate that happens but this is politics. Politics, a rough-and-tumble business. I am confident that there’s absolutely no connection whatsoever between Hillary Clinton and the KKK and they know it, she knows it. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things where if you’re running for office, you have to occasionally deal with things that are just a nuisance, headaches that take time and attention away from real issues,” said Dr. Shrader.

Dr. Shrader goes on to say this is a bizarre attempt for attention.

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