Leaks at Eudora Welty Library; Charles Tisdale Library closed due to mold


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — More rain is on its way to the Metro area, but one of the city’s libraries may not be able to stand the next round of weather.

Patty Furr, the executive director of the Jackson- Hinds Library Systems, said the roof at the Eudora Welty Library has been leaking for years.

“We joke and say we are the only library system in Mississippi that has two water features but the sincere part of it is we have some really big problems with leaks at the Welty library,” she said.

Buckets and trash cans are scattered throughout the library catching water from the ceiling. Signs are even posted urging visitors to watch their step because of the loose tile caused by the leaks.

“We can’t wait much longer because we’re seeing a lot more deterioration,” she said.

Caution tape and a sign covers the entrance to the stairwell to avoid someone from getting hurt. There are about 35 buckets placed throughout the entire building that has to be emptied every day it rains. The staff even has to come in on weekends to get rid of the water.

“It never stops unless it stops raining for three weeks. this will continue to drain every day.”

The building is about 80 years old, and Furr says over the last two years the problems has gotten worse.

“Last year, we had mold break out in our administrative offices and we paid $12,000 to have the mold removed, but unfortunately since the leaks continue we believe the mold is back.”

However, that’s not the only Jackson-Hinds Library dealing with mold from the rain. The Charles Tisdale Library has been shut down until further notice.

“There are dangerous levels of mold in the basement that have gotten into the air duct system,” Furr said.

The repairs at the Welty library is expected to cost thousands of dollars.

Furr says a leak investigation was done on the library two years ago, and it was given to the City of Jackson, but no repairs have been made yet.

Furr says they hope to remove all the books and computers out of the Charles Tisdale library in the next few weeks.

WJTV reached out to the City of Jackson to see what their plans are for the buildings; we have not heard back yet.

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