Local animal hospital now offers ICU unit


HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WHLT)-Top of the line care has made its way to a local animal hospital down in the pine belt

The new addition of a Intensive care Unit for pets has been added to Animal Medical Center. Helping thousands of pet owners who need intensive care avoid having to take their pets to neighboring states. The hospital says the animals stay inside the ICU until Veterinarians notice a change in their repository rate and then they are transferred back to regular care.

“We used to have to put a mask on their face and stand with them, which was very stressful, the other option was to place cannular on either side of their nose. ” -Brittany Thames, DVM, Intensive Care Unit, Animal Medical Center

Dr. Thames says so far the hospital has already had some pre-op patients in the unit before they go in for upper respiratory surgery, and those pets also get preoxygenation when they come out of surgery. These patients could have been victims of snake bites and heat stroke.

The unit offers twice as effective oxygen to the animals then room air does with room air only being 21 percent , and the units offering 40 percent. The new ease of care will also help the animals avoid anxiety while being cared for due to the less invasive procedures.

Advanced treatment in the ICU include oxygen supplementation, blood transfusions, advanced pain treatment, feeding tube placement, chest tube placement and intravenous nutrition.

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