Local author creates coloring book to help combat anxiety


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A local author created a coloring book to help people ease their minds during the coronavirus pandemic.

Author Christine Phipps Davis has a coloring book called “Color With The Word,” with one goal in mind–to add color to people’s life.

“To give people a place to put their depression, sadness, uncertainty, but it’s while you’re coloring you’re concentrating on the color, staying in the lines and it’s somewhere else to put your focus and to put your sadness,” said Davis.

She knows first hand how coloring can make a difference because coloring with her daughter was the very thing that saved her after her dad passed away.

“She had everything there– the coloring book, the markers– and I said okay baby let’s color. And I gave in and we started coloring. Then, I noticed that once I started putting my mind on something else that my sadness was going into the coloring and I felt better,” expressed Davis.

After taking a break from the book, Davis was inspired to help other’s find peace and she feels this is the time many need inspiration.

“This is a time where a lot of people are at a lost for understanding, they’re living in fear, they’ve lost their jobs, children at home are unable to go out, not understanding feel like they lost their friends, they don’t have their teachers, they’re alone.”

The coloring book can be found on the shelves at Milestone Christian Books in Pearl.

Davis said she hopes those who need it will find peace in the book, and plans to write a devotional soon.


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