Local authorities, organization work to crack down on human trafficking


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Millions of people worldwide are victims of human trafficking, and Mississippi is not exempt. The Hinds County Sheriff’s Office and a local community organization are working to put a stop to this crime.

Even in a pandemic, the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office is investigating reports of human trafficking cases.

Captain Tyree Jones said people have to educate themselves on what human trafficking is and how to spot it.

“Look for things that may be suspicious that relate to money and things they bring into the house, certain things that they may surround themselves with. Sometimes these things may lead to an arrest or a human trafficking investigation,” he said.

Sandy Middleton, who is the executive director for the Center for Violence Prevention, said, “A lot of times, there may be a tattoo, and so a lot of times we may see a victim with their pimp’s name on their neck.”

Middleton said since opening the tower in 2017, they have been working to be a place of shelter and restoration for victims. She asked for people to themselves on human trafficking and to support the center.

Captain Jones encouraged anyone who suspects human trafficking to call the sheriff’s office at (601) 974-2900 or the human trafficking hotline at 1 (888) 373-7888.


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