Local church monitors spread of coronavirus


RIDGELAND, Miss. (WJTV) – The topic of the coronavirus is weighing heavily on the members of the Chinese Christian Church of Greater Jackson. Reverend Jason Shi said when the virus was first discovered, he wasn’t worried about it.

“The concern is not for ourselves. The concern is for people in China and all over the world who are at real risk for the virus. So, we pray for them a lot,” said Shi. “You know as a Christian, we believe that God controls everything including our life, so we pray.”

More than 200 deaths have been reported from the coronavirus in China. Reverend Shi said that none of the church members or their families who live in China have been affected. They would like to send some relief and aid to those who are. Shi’s concern is the regulations in China that would prevent that from happening.

“We hope we can help people in China, and we are praying that God can open the door for us to collect some material or money or something that we can send to the Chinese people to help them. However, there are regulations in China. So, we are still seeking for a way to help those in China.”

The reverend said the best prevention for his congregation is to quarantine themselves for about two weeks if they’ve been to China within the past 10 days.

“In Mississippi, we trust the medical system. In America, we are at a very low risk. What is our concern? The people who are under high risk for the virus. We pray for them.”

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