Local doctor discusses concerns with new mutations of COVID-19


JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – There are at least four variants of the coronavirus, and experts are calling this concerning. Researchers said they have now discovered new variants of the virus in New York City, and it is spreading quickly.

There is a state specific COVID variant that’s been discovered in California that’s also spreading quickly. Scientists said the variant was discovered in May 2020, and it invades antibodies generated by COVID-19 vaccines from prior coronavirus infections.

Dr. Timothy Quinn, of Quinn Healthcare in Ridgeland, explained how concerned Mississippians should be about the new variants associated with specific states.

“What happens is when a person is infected with coronavirus, the virus replicates and replicates, but during this replication process, there could be mistakes. Some of these mistakes are given the new virus an advantage,” said Dr. Quinn.

He said the advantage keeps popping up in these new variants is the ability to better infect someone.

“Research is showing that this mutation that new viruses have have some sort of advantage with the vaccination, but the good news is that research is still showing that the vaccinations work. They just might not work quite as well.”

He said research shows that people getting the vaccination still have a very good chance of not suffering severe consequences from the virus as opposed to those who are not vaccinated.

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