Local doctor warns parents of playground burns


FLOWOOD, Miss. (WJTV) – Playgrounds have always been a go-to for kids, but there are some hidden dangers to be aware of as children play outside in the heat.

Dr. Tamina McMillan, who is a pediatrician, said she has seen her fair share of playground injuries, and burns are no exception.

“Third degree burns in kids that are less than two, because they are younger, it can happen within five seconds.”

Dr. McMillian said it’s important for parents to test surfaces for at least five seconds to see if it’s safe before letting children sit down.

“Actually as a parent, you need to test the material, actually touch it. And if it’s too hot, then it’s probably too hot for your child. We usually recommend that you play when it’s not as hot. The recommended time it to avoid outside play between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. In general, they recommend that kids wear pants if possible to protect their skin from the playground equipment,” she explained.

For parents who are oftentimes distracted, Dr. McMillian said when dangerous burns are on the line, you have to make sure your kid is safe.

“I mean, I know that we’re all distracted as parents. We’re on our phones. So when you take your kids to the playground, making sure that your being vigilant and that your observing that to make sure that they’re safe.”

When accidents happen to young children, Dr. McMillan urges parents to follow some tips.

“Of course, removing them from the surface. Then you want to try and cool the skin down. So either a cold, wet cloth, ice, and then assess it. If it’s any type of blistering formation or it seems redder or more pink than normal, you want to take you kids to see their pediatrician to have it evaluated.”

She also recommends finding playgrounds that are covered so that on hotter days, the equipment will be cooler.


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