BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV) – A nine-year-old child’s heart was grown to normal size following his final heart procedure.

Kingston Murriel, from Brandon, was born with a hyperplastic left heart that inhibited blood from being pumped through his body. Children born with the defect can live normal lives, but their abilities are often limited. A shortened life expectancy is also a side effect.

In November, Murriel received his fifth and final heart procedure in Houston, Texas. Surgeons were able to grow his heart to normal size.

“Because of the ventricular recruiting procedure that we did there in Jackson at UMMC, his left heart grew, and then he was able to come here and get his heart converted to a normal heart. Kingston, I’m glad to tell you, is normal now,” said Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital Pediatric Heart Surgery Chief Jorge Salazar.

“We are just excited and look forward to him playing sports and just the relief of finally getting to this point,” said Murriel’s mother, Elizabeth Foster.

Murriel’s heart grew, like the Grinch, just in time for Christmas for everyone to love.