A Brookhaven man says police used excessive force, police disagree

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A Brookhaven man claims police used excessive force during his arrest last week and his mother says video proves it.

Lanaya Lewis spoke with the suspect, his mother and the police chief who says his officers did not do anything wrong.

A video on Facebook shows the arrest of Anthony Caffie.  

The video starts with police questioning Caffie about loud profane music at a car wash and a car smelling like marijuana.

The video shows officers approach Caffie and try to search his car. 

When they try to search his car things get out of control. 

The police say Caffie charged at an officer but he denies it. 

Anthony Caffie says, “Like think about that. He came over there picking. The only thing I did was shut my door and that’s just seen in the video. I shut my door and immediately he tried to start choking me and punch on me. He never tried to arrest me previously. I never saw any drugs or anything.”

His mother Clestne Caffie explained this is not her son’s first run-in with police. 

She says he is a good person and says the facebook video left her with a lot of questions.

“I don’t know if he had something and I’m not going to say he did… because, from my seeing of the video, they went to that car three times. if you didn’t see anything the first time and second time, how you go see something the third?”

Brookhaven Police Chief Kenneth Collins emphasized officers were watching Caffie. They say he has been selling drugs in town and they found marijuana in the car.

Chief Collins says he has watched body cam footage and he’s confident his officers did not use 

“I’m an equal opportunity arrester. I don’t care what color you are, I don’t care how much money you got… if you selling drugs, especially in our parking lots around our businesses, nine times out of 10 we’re going to catch you sooner or later.”

Caffie says he had to receive stitches to his face after he was refused further medical treatment over the weekend.

Chief Collins says Caffie received all the necessary medical treatment.

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