A Mother says her three kids lost their toys and clothes in a house fire

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Sheena Stubbs lived right next door to Levi Vance.

He died in a house fire February 22 on Witsell Road. The home where Stubbs lived was partially damaged during that fire. As a result she and her three children were temperarily displaced. She shared her story with WJTV 12’s Shay O’Connor.

Sheena Stubbs said the morning of February 22 was one she’d never forget.

She said “Everybody was asleep. My grandpa he rushed there and said it was a fire. I didnt’t know what was going on. If it was for real or a joke. As soon as I went out it was huge flames getting bigger next to my neighbors house.”

Her neighbor Levi Vance died in that fire. Stubbs and her kids ages 9 ,8,  and 1 made it out of their home safely. A blue tarp has since been placed on parts of the home while the family waits on insurance to help with repairs. In the meantime, she and her kids cannot live there.

Stubbs said, “The look on my kids face when they saw that fire. It still smells like smoke. Everything is wet burned and destroyed. My baby can’t be there. My one year old daughter. “

Stubbs and her family have been bouncing around hotels for weeks. But she has reminded her kids that things can be replaced but not people.

Stubbs said, “I had to teach them. Stuff can be replaced. Of course but you know you can’t replace people. I had to let them know how stuff goes. You can get a new bike and toys but you can’t get another life. “

Stubbs said what her kids need most is help with school clothes. You can donate to Sheena Stubbs through GOFUNDME. SheenaJanayStubbs . Sheena Stubbs: 601-201-1405

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