A woman says demons told her to steal a rental car

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A woman accused of stealing a rental car in Jacksonville, Florida, says demons are to blame.

The woman is accused of stealing an SUV from ACE Rent a Car.

Employees say they found her with the stolen car at the Travelodge off Airport Road. 

When asked did she steal the car the woman responded, “I don’t know what you’re speaking about ma’am.” 

 Reporter: “Well, we have you on video wearing that same outfit.” 

Woman: “Oh, that’s nice.” 

Reporter: “Why did you take the car?”

Woman: “I don’t know.”

 Reporter: “You don’t know?”

Woman:  “Demons told me to do it.”

Reporter: “Who told you to do it?” 

Woman: “The demons.”

Reporter: “Demons told you to steal the car? Why did they tell you to do that?” 

Woman: “I don’t know, I really don’t know.” 

Reporter: “So you admit you took it?”

Woman: “No I didn’t take it, the demon took it. The demon took it.” 

Earlier in the day, surveillance cameras caught a woman wearing the same clothes at the front desk of the ACE Rent a Car.

The video shows her driving off in a white Toyota RAV4.

Marly Rose, Assistant General Manager says, “She hops in a car that they were in the process of cleaning and drove off.”

 Employees say the woman was mad because they were overbooked. 

“I tried to rent it but y’all didn’t want to rent me a car, y’all talking about how y’all didn’t have any cars for rent so I stole.” 

When police arrived, the woman hid in her hotel room. 

Officers eventually made entry and put her in handcuffs. 

It is unclear what charges the woman could be facing at this time.

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