NATCHEZ, Miss. (WJTV) – Adams County supervisors decided to look into a request from Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten to purchase pods from the Core Civic correctional facility in Natchez.

The Natchez Democrat reported the pods would be used as a place to segregate inmates as necessary.

“I would like to get one of the things to use as a segregation unit. We can’t administratively punish an inmate when they do things like damage the jail because we don’t’ have anywhere we can lock them down. A segregation unit is someplace we could put the instigators along, which would help us deal with what’s going on right now,” said Patten.

The pods would be located near the courtyard area at the Adams County Sheriff’s Department building.

Supervisor Kevin Wilson said it would take five years or more to build a jail if the effort was started in May 2022.