April 2 marks the amount of extra time a woman has to work to receive the pay the average white male worker made last year.

For African American women, they’d have to work until August to receive the same pay. The gap is even bigger for some other minorities. Tuesday’s Equal Pay Day was about raising awareness about the gender wage gap.

Cassandra Welchlin with the Mississippi Black Women’s Roundtable said Mississippi has the biggest pay gap. She said the state is even further behind because we are one of two states that do not have equal pay laws on the books at all.

Cassandra Welchlin said “Mississippi and Alabama are the only two states in the country that do not have equal pay laws on the books. Yes we have the federal law but the federal law is not enough to really bring the protections we need. Because the federal law has so many loop holes in it.”

Welchlin said advocates across the state had been trying to put a law in place to allow women to seek extra money from their employers. It would also put an end to secrecy policies within the workplace and protect the rights of pregnant women.

That bill has yet to pass by legislators.

We have reached out to legislators about their thoughts on the Equal Pay Bill and why it was not approved. WJTV 12 will continue to kee you updated.