AG Jim Hood and Others Unveil App to Prevent Teen Suicides

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Students Against Violence is a new tool to increase mental health awareness.

It is an app, the first of its kind in the United States.

And it’s being rolled out in schools across Mississippi. 

Mental health is discussed more often these days, but that wasn’t the case two decades ago. Clark Flatt said when his son Jason committed suicide 22 years ago, there were hardly any resources available for teens with mental issues. 

Clark Flatt with The Jason Foundation said ” I went to every PTO every PTA and church meeting on drugs and any seminar to raise my kids and give them a better life than me. In Jason’s 16 years no one ever gave a seminar on youth suicide and prevention, the warning signs or what to do when you saw those warning signs.”

It was his son’s death that prompted Flatt to start The Jason Foundation. Calling attention to warning signs of teen depression and ways to deal with it. Today, he joined with Attorney Jim Hood to unveil the “Students Against Violence” App.

Attorney General Jim Hood said “It deals with both depression and anxiety. Then it has, do you need help? Where to go and how to help others. Kids see it in school. They know when someone’s depressed a lot of times it’s because of bullying. We have a bullying aspect on the app as well.”

Organizers said it was as easy as going to SAV.APP and downloading the application to your iPhone or Andriod.

People who feel they’re suffering from depression or fear a friend is can click on tabs and be connected with resources. Teachers and parents can also use the app. 

Sandra Parks with the Mississippi Department of Mental Health said ” One in five children will experience a mental illness in their lifetime. The app will show the youth here’s this app. Here’s this way to learn more about it. It’ll give them something to open a conversation with. And that’s what we really want.”

Sandra Parks said if one life is saved, the app has done its part.

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