AG warns about Social Security phone scams

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Attorney General Jim Hood’s office is warning of a new scam targeting those on social security. 

Scammers are calling those on social security trying to get personal information. The consumer protection bureau at the AG’s office is asking people to beware. 

“It was extremely scary I was thinking oh my god, how is my social security number used illegally,” Sallie Bouie who received one of the scam call said. 


Bridgette Wiggins, the Director of the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s office said, “Scammers call an individual pretending to be from the social security administration asking them questions regarding their social security number or leading them to believe that their social security number is in some type of jeopardy or danger or their social security benefits have been compromised in some type of way.”

She adds the goal for scammers are to get your identity. 

“We’ve had consumers who’ve been the victim of identity theft and they’ve had crimes committed in their names,” Wiggins said. “Sometimes these scammers just assume their identity if they have your social security number your name and address they just take on a whole new role under your name.”

The elderly area among the most targeted group and Bouie says she feels bad those who have been scammed. 

“I think this these older people who are older than I am who are maybe getting these calls are may be giving them their information they’re asking for and using their social security numbers for whatever purposes,” said Bouie. 

Some scammers use real phone numbers to try and get information. 

“They use a legitimate number to make a illegitimate call and unfortunately there’s software out there that allows these scammers to spoof their numbers and mask their identities,” said Wiggins. 

Authorities at the Attorney General’s office say if you come across a scam call hang up immediately and don’t give out any personal information. 

If you have any questions you can reach out to the social security administration if you have any concerns. 

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