Air conditioning vents prove to spread COVID-19

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MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) — Cool, refreshing air is not the only thing that circulates through your air conditioner.

Traces of fungus, bacteria and viruses may be lurking in your vents. There’s one virus in particular that we’re referring to.

That applies to anywhere inside. Your home, work and particularly restaurants where you’re exposed to strangers.

Dr. Tim Quinn in Ridgeland sad that congregating around the air conditioner in a large volume is not the safest bet.

“Anything that causes people to come closer together increases the potential for spread… and it is spreading,” Dr. Quinn said.

But it’s not all bad Isaac Parker at Dent Air Conditioning in Madison explained that there is an effective solution.

“The only way to properly eliminate that is through an ultraviolet light,” Parker said. “We install the light in your system and we have to wire it in to the finest itself. So, whenever the blower comes on, and you hear the air circulating, then that light comes on as soon as any kind of virus bacteria all these unseen contaminants hit it, then it kills it immediately.”

If you can’t manage the light, Parker said changing your AC’s filter regularly is also a massive help.

“You’ll help the life of your air conditioner and help your air stay a little cleaner as well,” Parker said.


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