LORMAN, Miss. (WJTV) – Alcorn State University’s (ASU) School of Agriculture has re-opened its Product Development Center, which would allow entrepreneurs and researchers to sell their products.

The center is located near the university’s entrance beside the Faculty and Staff Housing Complex. It is a multi-faceted facility that offers training programs that allow participants to create new and unique food products while learning entrepreneurship skills.

Alcorn State leaders said at the center, researchers can thrive and sell affordable goods are some of the Center’s objectives. Students will also benefit from training professionals to enhance their skills in multiple agricultural areas.

Dr. Franklin Chukwuma, associate director for Extension Services, is happy about the Center’s re-opening and its benefit to farmers.

“It feels good to have a place where participants can access state-of-the-art equipment to help develop their ideas to market products such as baked goods, pickled products, hot sauce, ice creams, spices, jellies, wine, and juices. Hence, farmers can build their customer base outside traditional outlets such as farmers’ markets and grocery stores and sell directly to food manufacturers or expand their businesses,” said Chukwuma.