JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Keep Jackson Beautiful is excited to announce that the City of Jackson is bringing back recycling.

Keep Jackson Beautiful, Replenysh, and local recycling business EnvironMentality partnered to implement a recycling program for the citizens of Jackson.

Keelan Sanders, executive director of Keep Jackson Beautiful, said the water crisis is what implemented this initiative.

“This recycling program is more than just water bottles,” said Sanders. “We are collecting PET plastics #1 water & soft drinks bottles with some locations accepting PET #2 plastics detergent bottles and cardboards.”

There are currently over 15 public and private collection locations and constantly growing.

The current public host sites are:

  • Smith Wills Stadium
  • Callaway High School
  • Urban League (Jackson Medical Mall Campus)
  • Zero Waste Jackson
  • The City Plaza
  • Oak Forest Community Center

Replenysh is partnering with EnvironMentality to raising awareness of Keep Jackson Beautiful citywide recycling program with a buy back day of aluminum cans at $0.50/lb. and water/soda bottles at $0.10/lb. 

“While Replenysh was initially focused solely on the plastic bottles, the distribution sites also turned their attention to recycling the cardboard and shrink packaging related to bottle distribution,” said founder Mark Armen.

The event will be held Saturday, October 15 and will be held at 605 S. Gallatin Street from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.