AMR makes holiday ‘homecomings’ possible

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People usually associate ambulances with accidents and tragedy. But not today. 

This Thanksgiving , AMR reunited a elderly Mom with her family as a party of the company’s Thanksgiving Day tradition.

“The thanksgiving holiday is officially complete for a number of families here in the metro, thanks to AMR, this year the Andersons were chosen for a second time to have their mother come home for the holiday.”

This is a day most people spend with family but for people like Grant Trotter, it is spent working. But, just because there’s no fried turkey doesn’t mean he can’t fill up on something meaningful.

“It does get a little bit more rewarding every time you do it just because you notice things more the more you do it and you notice more and you see the look on their faces  and it kind of lifts you up for the day.”

Trooter along with other crew members made sure everyone had a happy holiday, especially those who can’t get there on their own.

“Its a labor of love its something we do and don’t mind doing, so yes we are away but at the  same time were helping someone else be with their family when they are normally not able to.”

For the second year in a row AMR brought the Andersons together for the holiday.

“I’m just proud to be home.”

“I’m just thankful for the moment. We’re thankful that she’s here with us we hope she’ll be able to come here every year.”

“It means the world to me to have my Mom come home for the second year and its just an amazing feeling.”

“It really does give them a lot of joy and that does make it a lot better for me and makes it more rewarding.”

It is the third year for AMR to provide the service.

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