Animal advocates work to bring attention to animal rights

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A group of animal advocates are doing what the mississippi legislature failed to do this session.

The group is working to bring attention to animal rights, after encountering dozens of neglect and abuse cases.

With 8 animal rights bills introduced this legislative session, only one remains in the house. Senate bill 2014 seeks to protect animals and keep them with their companion in the case of domestic violence.

While advocates are thrilled with this bill, they’re upset that stricter animal cruelty laws continue to be passed up year after year.

“The state laws that we have in Mississippi right now are quite weak. We hear from everyone across the country and I’m tired of hearing that. Mississippi is full of good, caring people, but unfortunately most of them are unaware of the amount of cruelty that’s taking place in our state,” Stanley said.

Stanley isn’t just talking about the physical abuse, she wants attention called to animal neglect.

She says the laws already on the books aren’t being enforced, because the focus is on other issues.

“There’s a shortage of resources, there’s a lack of knowledge… but at the same time you have infrastructure that needs serious discussion and big money paid towards it. Which one do you think they’re going to pay attention to? Infrastructure,” She explained.

These women are making the emotional plea for help, that the animals they love can’t

Senate bill 2014 has until March 5th to get out of committee and March 13th to be voted on.

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