JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – People came from near and far to showcase their rounding skills during the Fired Up team rounding at the Equine Center at the Fairgrounds.

Paris of horse riders galloped through the dirt as they tried to wrangle in calves.

Just across the way was the rabbit extravaganza, allowing kids to enter their furry friends into a rabbit judging contest. The contest featured rabbits of all sizes, breeds and ages.

“This is highland rock. Her name is Hershey Kiss. She is a senior doe. She is very sweet.”

“It’s part of a cowboy way of life and teaches responsibility. It never hurts to know how to rope when you have cattle or something that gets out. That’s a crucial need that you need to catch. If you rope, it teaches you responsibility. It teaches your horse leadership. You’re not always perfect. You’re going to miss sometimes, and it is what it is.”

People say these shows give them a chance to show off their hard work and skills.