Another lawsuit over Jackson water: Citizens sue the city

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There is more fallout over the City of Jackson’s water issues.

A group of citizens have joined a lawsuit against the city.

Litigiation was just filed Tuesday in chancery court.

Five customers have joined a business in the suit, in attempt to keep their water from being disconnected.

As we reported earlier this week, the city filed a $225-million lawsuit against Siemens last week, blaming them for the water billing woes.

People now suing the city say there is a major problem with the system and should not result in their water being cut off.

The water bill crisis is something that has long-plagued Jackson customers over a period of years.

Customer Michael Green said “I feel great [about the citizen lawsuit].”

“Somebody is stepping up for us and fighting for us,” he added. “We need somebody to fight for us because they’re not paying us any attention they don’t care anything about us.”

Another customer said, “I listened to the mayor saying they’re going to take some type of legal action, but the public, meanwhile, we are still suffering.”

Customers acting in the lawsuit have account balances ranging from$1,000, to more than $30,000.

City officials have not commented on the situation. 

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