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Another severe case of animal neglect brings light to the lack of animal cruelty laws in MS

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Another severe case of animal neglect is calling attention to the lack of animal cruelty laws in Mississippi.

WJTV 12’s Margaret-Ann Carter told us about two Great Danes who were rescued this week after being nearly starved to death, well now she’s introducing us to a Boxer knocking on death’s door.

Einstein is about 6 months old but unlike a healthy Boxer he weighs only 12 pounds and has nearly no muscle mass. Rescuers believe he spent the majority of his life in a small crate which curved his spine and hinders his ability to walk.

“We think that Einstein was living in a crate and when he was a puppy he started out in the proper sized crate and then when he grew his crate never grew with him, and that’s Left him with the hunchback, and where his feet are flat from rickets,” Amber Burrus with Coco’s House Senior Sanctuary and Rescue, said. 

When Coco’s House Senior Sanctuary and Rescue got Einstein, it appeared he was dumped by his family and left to die.

“I was actually surprised that he was able to stand that he was alive,” Burrus explained.

Though they would love to get justice for Einstein, they don’t know exactly where he came from, because he wasn’t found on anyone’s property.

“It’s never going to end until we pass more laws, but I mean, and, people say, you can’t save them all, but we’re saving them one at a time,” she explained.

Mississippi Animal Rescue League Director, Deborah Boswell says, more laws won’t be put into place, until the laws we have are enforced.

“A lot of the lawmakers aren’t interested in seeing that first offense felony until we’re maximizing what’s already on the books, until we can get the courts to maximize that, so I think it’s going to take a lot of education with our prosecutors and our judges,” MARL Director, Deborah Boswell said.

Animal cruelty becomes a felony during a second offense, but Boswell says it’s hard to track misdemeanors.

“So you’ve got one charge of aggravated cruelty, which is an elevated misdemeanor, say in Hinds County and then you move down to the coast and you perpetrate another act, well it becomes a second offense, but if it’s a misdemeanor court then that’s a non records court. So how are you going to track that?” Boswell said.

Until then Burrus says they’ll take it day by day and dog by dog.

Burrus says it will takes thousands of dollars to get Einstein back to normalcy and the rescue needs your help.

If you’re interested in helping you can donate by calling in a donation on Einstein’s account at Animal Medical Center in Jackson at 601-354-3622. You can also mail in a donation to Coco’s House Rescue PO Box 721314 Byram MS 39272. Einstein also has a PayPal account.

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