Attorney speaks on Canton home invasion victims

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Last week 12 News told you about a family being assaulted during a home invasion in Canton. Today, Lanaya Lewis had the chance to speak to the family and their lawyer about how the family is suffering from the incident.

This is the family from the Canton home invasion last Wednesday. 


Assma Ali, immigration attorney, says investigators believe the Augustin family and several other families were targeted the day of the ice raids.

After the home invasion, Sandra Agustin Matias and her family have been terrified.

The family’s attorney believes the suspects may have thought the family was taken away in the ICE raids, considering other homes were burglarized too.

Sandra’s 19-year-old son is still in the hospital fighting for his life. He was shot three times and still has a bullet casing inside of his body.

The family has been staying in a hotel for a week, and they rotate out at the hospital with who will stay there.  

The husband was also injured when he was hit by the pistol.

The attorney office is trying to help raise money for them to get a place.

All the children are US citizens, but the parents are on their way to legalization.

The youngest has down syndrome.  Everyone in the family was there during the raid. Each time they try to go back to the home the kids are terrified and don’t want to be near the home.

They are also afraid that the suspects may come back, only one is in custody. 

Ali says they see cases like this often and sometimes people don’t want to go to the police if they’ve been burglarized, or harmed because they are scared they’re going to be deported.   

A $5000 gofundme has been started for the family by the Attorney office.

She says she is also representing other people who were arrested by ice.  

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