Avoid the Grinch, use safe shopping practices

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The Twelve Days of Christmas begins tomorrow and so does the countdown to that perfect gift.

Police want to make sure holiday shoppers aren’t making themselves a magnet for crime.

Police say the numer one things shoppers need to do to avoid mishaps, is pay attention.

Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman knows the drill.

“As many people that are shopping there are also people who are running around looking for a vehicle to break into,” he said.

Sure it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but Officer Colendula Green with the Jackson Police Department says its also a time where you can become an easy target.
“The holiday season brings out the best in the worst and some people with that being said we want people to use common sense, observation, and analyzing gut instinct,” she said.
You can expect to see malls and stores beef up their security over the next few months, but police say there are still things you can do yourself, to make sure don’t become a victim 
“Before you get out of your vehicle make sure you analyze the situation. look around, look in your mirrors, look in the front in the back. Make sure there is no one around you before you get out of your vehicle,” Officer Green said. “Observation is the most important safety technique that you can use.”
Being safe can start in the parking lot. Chief Hayman says the majority of thefts  happen when a car is unlocked.
“The more people that are out about with again valuables, Christmas presents groceries that sort of thing those are easy targets and it’s something very simple to lock your door insecure your items and remove them from plain view,” Chief Hayman said. “We also ask you to just get your head out of your phone. pay attention when you’re walking across the parking lot and be aware of your surroundings.”

Purse snatching, car jackings, or even having things stolen from your car. we are told all of these things are more likely when you are not paying attention.
Police say you should not flash money or credit cards. and if you carry a purse – carry it  close to your body..

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