Battling Biting Bugs

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Some call them buffalo gnats others call them black flies, but most just call them annoying.

While there’s no real way to get rid of them we can rest easy knowing they won’t be around all summer.

Breeding in moving water, the recent flooding in Mississippi has been a gold mine for these pesky bugs to thrive from March to June.

Unlike mosquitos these gnats travel in the thousands and have been known to suffocate and kill livestock.

“They don’t have a probing mouth part, like a little needle, like a mosquito, they’ve got chewing mouth parts and so they’ll burrow in your hair line, right on the back of your neck there, and they’ll kind of chew away and in their saliva, they have an antiesthetic so you can’t feel that they’re biting you,” Brian Weekly, the President of Bugg Products llc, said. 

That is until hours later when the area begins to swell.

“They make huge welts on you, your kids get huge welts, the adults get huge welts, they’re not good for animals or livestock,” Michael Bowling with Mosquito Solutions, said. 

Michael Bowling with Mosquito Solutions says they receive dozens of calls about these pests but even spraying outdoors only helps to an extent.

“It’ll help dramatically for like a day or two, maybe a little bit longer, but it’s not going to keep them away like mosquitos,” he explained. 

However one product has proven to be successful in keeping away these gnats and it’s based on the old wives tale that vanilla repels these bugs.

“We’ve made a fantastic formula that kind of smells like vanilla and mint and what we call rose,” Weekley said. 

Just a few sprays of Buggins Natural and you’re good to go, at least for now.

Several Ace Hardware stores in the metro are sold out of Buggins repellant however there are still ways to get a hold of the product.

You can access the produce on amazon or you can go directly to the Bugg Products website. 

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