It is Halloween night, the one night of the year restless souls roam the earth and children roam their neighborhoods in search of candy.

Well, Walt Grayson has been roaming through a haunted house with a group of ghost hunters, and lived to tell about it. 

Hey, my hair was DARK when we went in! I was invited along when ghost hunters examined the Fairview Inn in Jackson. Little hints had started popping up that more was there than meets the eye.

It all started when Tamar Sharp owner of the Fairview engaged the services of David Childers and his organization, Mississippi Paranormal after several cryptic inscriptions were left in the Inn’s register by departing guests indicating they had had brushes with the unseen, but not particularly unheard or unfelt.

Used to you had to go by feelings or intuition or a sixth sense about the presence of spirits. But technology has stepped in and filled a much-needed gap. There are real-time infrared viewers to find cold spots in a room without having to first feel them…or them feel you. And detecting devices to point out abnormal energy fields. And even radio-wave snagging apps to apply minded spirits to pull words out of the air and talk to you.

Upstairs was alright. Then we went into the basement. I didn’t even know they HAD a basement. THEN somebody HAD to find the door to the crawl space; the trench through the barren earth, like a grave, beneath the heart of the house. So about four of us idiots went in there. Perhaps we ran into the most activity from the sensors while in the crawl space. First of all when we asked the little voice box who all was down there:

“David.” David? “Walt.” It said David and Walt. (Really! It said our names!)

Time to leave when the other side is calling MY name. Especially when the normally benign energy meter starts flying up into the red.

Gathering back in the light, David Childers presents his findings.

“And I truly do believe your house is haunted. Your establishment is haunted. It’s with good spirits, though. It’s with good spirits. That’s the good thing about it.”

So how does that sit with the guests of the Inn like Tina Fortenberry.

“I will be here every night.”

“As will, no doubt, the several spirits we bumped into. Even the one that knew my name!”

Actually being haunted is a plus for Fairview Inn. A website on which it is listed as a place to mark if your Inn is haunted. So Tamar says she can now check the block and promote Fairview as a haunted inn.