Bedsore death: Woman gets 40 years for killing mom, appeals

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Attorney for a Louisiana woman says her client’s 40-year prison sentence for the death of her own mom, is “cruel and unusual punishment.”

A state appeals court has been asked to review 54-year-old Joleslie Looney’s sentence, for the 2014 bedsore-related death of her elderly mother, according to the Associated Press.
Looney’s attorney says the steep punishment is not justified.
East Baton Rouge Parish Assistant District Attorney Allison Rutzen disagrees and says the sentence is appropriate, for the “ghastly condition” that 82-year-old Bessie Looney was found in when she died and for the pain and suffering she endured.

Bedsores are ulcers that develop on one’s skin, which are often caused by the pressure of laying on a bed, while being unable to move for long periods of time.

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