JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Belhaven University will launch seven new academic offerings that will be available for new and current students.

The university will offer a major in fashion merchandising, a concentration in game design for computer science, and minors in data analytics, digital marketing, web design, cybersecurity systems, and animation. Students can enroll August 2023. 

Chief Academic Officer and Provost Dr. Brad Smith stated, “The new major, concentration, and minors will allow students to tailor their academic preparation to best meet their career interests. When you layer on Belhaven’s Double Major, Fifth Year Free program, students will be able to present a resume that truly stands out during the job search process.”

Smith is not the only who believes the new offerings will be a great benefit to the success of Belhaven students.

“Having seven new majors is a step up for not just the school but Jackson period,” said Brandon Williams, a Belhaven student. “I think this the best move any college in Mississippi has done.”

Williams said the university having these talent and hobby courses can help to teach more and get the degree behind it.

A degree in fashion merchandising will prepare students to lead business operations in the fashion industry with a heavy emphasis on entrepreneurship. Students will apply all elements of merchandising, marketing, and management of operating a fashion business.

For computer science majors, Belhaven is offering a game design concentration. Students can now play a role in the development of video games while earning a degree in computer science.

Belhaven’s minor in data analytics combines computer science, mathematics, and statistics to prepare students for careers as data scientists or in fields related to those in business, government, and industry.

The digital marketing minor prepares students to develop data-driven strategies for social media, websites, and email campaigns.

Students who earn a minor in web design will learn the skills of developing functional and attractive web experiences while building the tools to be career ready.

The world relies on safe internet usage and protection of personal and commercial data is becoming increasingly valuable. A minor in cybersecurity systems will build Belhaven students’ expertise in cybersecurity issues.

A minor in animation will ready students for a career in the fields of fine art, design, digital media applications, video games, television and film, and spectrum of applied creative fields.