JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A $12 million parking garage has been completed on the Belhaven University campus in Jackson.

Leaders said the new five-story parking complex is now open. They said the parking garage helps solve the university’s parking challenges.

The garage was constructed over the existing parking lot between Heidelberg Gymnasium and Dr. Billy Kim International Center. Access is from the two university entrances off Peachtree Street, with one entrance putting drivers at the lowest level of the garage and the other higher in the garage. 

Belhaven University President Dr. Roger Parrott called the garage “a game changer” for the campus.

“It makes the best use of our land. We can’t take up all the limited space with parking. It gives us enough capacity to assure that we could eventually build another residence hall and classroom building in the future,” Parrott said.

According to university officials, the central location of the parking garage provides students with improved access to their classes, dormitories, stadium events, cafeteria, and other essential campus facilities. 

“It is filled with lots of light. Many garages feel scary, but this one is different. Equipped with security cameras and ample lighting, the garage will cater to residential students, faculty, staff, and commuters alike,” explained Parrott.

University officials said the completion of the parking garage was made possible by the generous support of an anonymous donor who gave $12 million for the project.