House bill 816 is about keeping
graduates in Mississippi. They would get their state income tax money back after starting a business  under the new bill that’s now headed to the senate.
In Jackson there are some unique and profitable businesses.  

  To Bilal Qizilbash, the  Jackson metro area is full of innovation. His start-up is called EasyKale Labs.  

He received his graduate degree from Mississippi College. He believes tax breaks could be an incentive for people to stay in the state.

“There’s a lot of innovative things happening in Mississippi,” said Qizilbash. “Unfortunately, a lot of this talent leaves.”

“We have a drain,” said Josh Frazier, the owner of Capture. “We have problem where people are just leaving Mississippi, and it’s something that’s been happening for a while.”

 Frazier got his undergrad from Mississippi State and his graduate degree from Southern Miss.

“My business is Capture, and Capture is focused on developing software for the K-12 market, K-12 school districts and basically it’s focused on collecting data,” said Frazier.

The benefit of having a software development company, according to Frazier, is that you don’t have to leave Mississippi, you have the ability to connect to the world from right here in the hospitality state.