BRANDON, Miss. (WJTV) – On Tuesday, leaders with the City of Brandon announced the Board of Aldermen passed the CMPDD recommendations for ward redistricting. They released a map of the redistricting plan along with the redistricting guidelines.

City of Brandon Proposed Ward Plan A (Courtesy: City of Brandon)

The guidelines are as follows:

  • The difference in population between the least populous and most populous wards shall not exceed 10% of the ideal population for all wards (one man one vote). Plan A has a top-to-bottom deviation of 3.02%, which is the lowest of all plans developed.
  • The ward plan shall be established in a manner that insures the fair and effective representation of all minority groups residing in the municipality. Plan A maintains the minority voting strength of Ward 1 at 43.61% Total Black population and 41.36% Black Voting Age population, which is the highest of all plans developed.
  • Ward lines shall keep intact communities with established ties of common interest and association, whether historical, racial, economic, ethnic, religious or other. Plan A minimized splitting of neighborhoods.
  • Each ward shall be contiguous.
  • Each ward shall be as compact as possible.
  • Each ward shall follow natural geographic boundaries, where possible.
  • Incumbents shall be separated into individual wards to the extent practical. Only if such action does not affect adherence to the primary criteria stated.