Breast cancer survivor competes in Tough Mudder

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Weight loss can be challenging, but imagine trying to lose those extra pounds while fighting cancer.

Donna Wiggers was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. After undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and adjusting to countless new medicines, the scale slowly started to climb and she was no longer her once active self.

“It was really difficult,” said Wiggers. “I was walking so slow that I was just feeling like I must be 900-years old.”

But as her body fought the cancer, Wiggers made a lifestyle change. In a little over a year, her hard work paid off.

Wiggers said, “Learned to eat a little bit better, tried to get more exercise, and in about 16 months, I actually lost close to 100 pounds.”

Fast forward to 2018, Wiggers signed the ultimate fitness challenge, the Tough Mudder. 12 miles with 20 obstacles, all designed to push your body to the limit.

But it’s not just a race to Wiggers. It’s a way to honor her son’s memory.

“We lost my son in September of 2017, but he was a big fan of a race called a Tough Mudder,” said Wiggers. “He loved that thing. That’s all for him. I sometimes hear him in the back of my head telling me mom you can do it just keep going keep going.”

Wiggers’ words of advice are simple.

“Don’t every give up. You can always start exercising, you can always start to take control of your weight. I think that’s just really important to just continue to believe in yourself.”

Wiggers plans to travel to Texas in May to participate in her third Tough Mudder race.

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