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A Jackson coffee shop has introduced a hilarious new cupcake unique to the city. Regina Wallace has been baking for more than 23 years. After some inspiration from a friend, Wallace, the creator of Heavenly Sweetz, Incorporated, decided to try her hand at a pothole cupcake.

“A friend of mine, Camille Peoples, she gave me the idea and said ‘why don’t you do pothole cupcakes?’ She gave me the picture and I looked at it and I just tried to recreate it and make it my own,” Wallace said.

The baker says if you try one of her cakes, it’s probably one of the only times you’d be happy about running into a pothole. The key is to not take any of it too literally.

“Don’t take it seriously. Just give it a shot,” Wallace explained. “it’s just a lighthearted poke at the potholes because they are getting fixed I see it everywhere.”

Each one comes topped with an orange traffic cone surrounded by crumbling, chocolaty asphalt.

Dane Lott is the manager at Coffee Prose. The shop is fairly new to the Midtown area. Lott says the reaction so far has been great.

“ A lot of people kind of had like a general idea and then once they see the label they kind of put two into together but I mean obviously the traffic and gives it away so that everyone’s favorite part.”

The people behind it say they wanted to take a light-hearted approach to a relatable problem while also starting a conversation about the work being done in the city.

“We just had a little chuckle because right there in front of coffee prose, there is a pothole,” Wallace said. “They are revitalizing Midtown so much. I see the little orange cones everywhere so it was just something that I was kind of focused on but I didn’t think it was going to blow up.”

Coffee Prose is open seven days a week. They are located at
1619 N West St, Jackson, MS 39202.

  You can also contact Heavenly Sweetz directly at 601-291-1179.

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