A candidate for Holmes County Supervisor is going viral for his unique campaign approach.

As WJTV 12’s Margaret-Ann Carter reports Steve McClellan’s videos maybe funny but the message behind them is serious. She spoke exclusively with the man many are now calling super steve.

“What do I got to be a superhero to get these holes fixed? We got to get them fixed,” Steve McClellan asks the camera while wearing tights, a cape and hat.

Supervisor or super hero, Steve McClellan is running for both.

With the help of his cameraman Warren Hallmon and campaign manager, Jasmine Hudson, McClellan is bringing attention to the county’s crumbeling infrastructure with his memorable videos.

“On August 6th if I had the power of a superhero I could get these holes fixed,” he tells the camera in the same video.

McClellan doesn’t just act in his videos, he raps too.

“Holes in the road, holes in the road, everywhere you go there’s a hole in the road. Holes in the road, holes in the road, a whole lot of road with holes in the road,” he raps while driving down a dirt road.

While he laughs at the growing popularity of his videos, he assures me it’s not a joke.

“I want to put a little laughter in people’s heart, I wanted people to laugh and be happy too, but I wanted them take it to be serious too, because we got a lot of issues in Holmes County that need to be taken care of,” McClellan explained.

The District one Supervisor hopeful is using comedy and social media to get his message out, winning over thousands of viewers with his catchy lyrics. 

“They call me Super Steve so I feel like when I put on that costume, I feel like a hero, I feel like I got the power to do a lot of things, but I can not do it without the community behind me,” McClellan says he’s not hanging up his cape anytime soon.

McClellan is running against incumbent Supervisor Henry Anderson. We have reached out to Anderson for comment on the race and will update this story when we hear back.