Candidates confirmed for Jackson mayoral election in June

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JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – One day after the municipal primary elect, the field is set for the Jackson mayoral race. Five candidates are running to be the next mayor of Jackson, including incumbent Mayor Chokwe A. Lumumba.

Some voters said that crime, poverty and infrastructure are the biggest issues that cannot be ignored, and the road to a better Jackson also includes a cleaner city.

“They [have to] do something about all these abandoned houses they got and all this trash and stuff they got on the streets,” said one Jackson neighbor.

Independent candidates, Charlotte Reeves and Shafequah “Big Mama” Lodree, said their plan to address crime starts with changes to the Jackson Police Department.

“My plan for crime: we get a qualified experienced police chief, one that respects the officers and the citizens of Jackson and vice versa. That’s where it starts with a competent police chief,” said Reeves.

“I intend to bring in an competent engaged police chief to the department that will be able to bring back the morale and have an open door,” said Lordee.

As the general election draws near, some said they are pleased with the work Mayor Lumumba has done.

“I think the mayor we have now is doing a great job, and he’s doing what he’s able to do among everything that we were dealing with at that time. I think he’s done a great job,” said a Jackson neighbor.

Some aren’t as pleased, but said leadership on all levels need to improve.

“It starts from the top. We need the governor to do his thing and then the mayor can do his thing, and then it’ll improve everything. But if you don’t have everybody working together, then it’s not going to be better.”

People said they are hopeful that things will be better than ever.

“I think that as long as we know what the problems are, we can work on them. So that’s what we need to strive for.”

The general election will be on Tuesday, June 8. The five candidates who will appear on the ballot are Lumumba (D), Jason Wells (R), Reeves (I), Lodree (I) and Less Tannehill (I).

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