Canton Academy Valedictorian reflects on senior year

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CANTON, Miss. (WJTV) — It’s been a roller coaster of a year for high school seniors all over the world as they said an unwanted farewell to many traditions.

Canton Academy’s Valedictorian Bethany Biggers said there were many lows during the second semester.

“There are these things that you picture in your head that are just not gonna happen,” Biggers said. “Then all of a sudden they’re just not there and you’re kind of confused, but so it made me really sad not to do all that and you to have prom with all my friends and like have graduation on schedule and all that.”

But she said that the highs completely cancelled out the lows, like first semester traditions.

“Homecoming week is one of my favorite weeks,” Biggers said. “We, as student council we got to pick a theme and it was like cartoons, it was really fun. Our senior retreat, we went to camp Bratton-Greene, it was just really fun to do that.”

Biggers said that ultimately their losses brought her class closer together.

“Through Zoom, we got to see everybody in their own environment,” Biggers explained. “I got to find out new facts but everybody like, Oh, I didn’t know you had a dog or oh I didn’t know you had a brother like from a picture on the wall and it’s just really neat to see people where they thrive

She said through the good, bad and ugly, she and her friends managed to make the most of it.

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