JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – There are plenty of exciting activities at the Mississippi State Fair, including a car show and opportunities to donate to Children’s of Mississippi.

This is the 42nd year the Antique Vehicle Club of Mississippi has been at the state fair showing cars. This year, 58 vehicles are on display.

Bo Jordan, the past president of the club, said their main focus, besides selling cars, is raising money for a local children’s hospital.

“Our main focus besides showing the vehicles. We raised money for Blair Batson Children’s Hospital. Last year, we raised $8,500 on mainly a dollar dollar at the time. We sell tickets. People vote on their favorite vehicle,” explained Jordan.

He said they’ve raised $18,000 in the last two years at the state fair for Children’s of Mississippi.

The car show will continue next week at the fair, and admission is free.