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CARA allegedly euthanizing nearly 120 cats

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Cattery virus outbreak

The Community and Animal Rescue Fund of Mississippi (CARA) is reporting they must euthanize their cat residents due to a feline virus outbreak in their cattery.

Approximately, 120 cats are being euthanized on Sunday and facility operators say they’re closing the Cattery at the shelter.

Former CARA employee, Kelli Ware, says they are putting all the cats down without testing them for the virus.

Ware says she was just fired Saturday after CARA officials announced the cattery would be shut down.

The virus to which the cats are said to have been exposed, is called Calicivurus and it is a respiratory virus. Symptoms are treatable, according to Magee veterinarian Scott Kennedy.

“Talk to your veterinarian about vaccination against Calicivirus, from kittens to adult cats and then if at all possible keep indoor cats indoors to prevent exposure to other cats that could be sick from any feline viruses, including Calicivirus,” Kennedy said.

“Keeping cats indoors also protects them from internal and external parasites,” he added. “As well as injury from cat bites, automobiles and other animals, like dogs.”

CARA Board Chair Valerie Hicks said “immediately, upon our veterinarian getting a positive Calicivirus test result and under their advice, our cattery was closed to visitors and for adoptions/intake in October.”

“After reaching out to other shelters and experts in the sheltering business, we learned that this travesty has happened to shelters in other locations. We also realize that all it takes is for one staff member to veer from intake protocols and quarantine to subject an entire cattery to exposure of this horrid disease and that proper management in any shelter is crucial.”

“…With the knowledge and expertise we have received from two local veterinarians, we have done everything in our power to keep this contained within our cattery in order to protect our community,” Hicks added.

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