JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A local and national group came together to support youth going through hardships.

Amerigroup Mississippi and Care Cases packed care packages for kids entering the foster system and survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence.

“So how could this be? How can we sit here and say we care so much about children, and we continue to give them trash bags? And so, we decided to pack some cases. We wanted our kids to know that your legacy is not what you take, but what you give, and we wanted every child to have a brand-new pair of pajamas, their own toiletry set, their own toothbrush,” said Rob Scheer, founder of Comfort Cases.

Volunteers made care bags for children of all ages from infant to teens, giving the gift of comfort during what can be a tough situation.

“When folks are going through difficult times and hard times, you know, that not only affects your physical health, but your mental health as well. And so, especially just just coming out of a pandemic, we know that was hard on everyone. But when folks are facing even greater disparities and barriers that can impact physical health and mental health, that’s why it’s important that, you know, everybody steps up and helps our community out,” stated Tara Clark, with Amerigroup Mississippi.

After volunteers finished bagging the bags, the City of Pearl’s police chief and mayor formally accepted the donations.

“So, it’s certainly a feeling of hope that someone actually lives who cares about them, and, you know, in in in a serious situation like that, the smallest things can touch someone’s life. And for a child, just to understand that there are people out there that put these bags together, and it shows just the sincerity that people are concerned about children,” said Pearl Mayor Jake Windham.

The care cases will be donated to Pearl Police Department, Mississippi Child’s Protective Services, Methodist Children’s Home, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Mississippi.