JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – UPDATE: 10:45-Three suspects are in custody tonight after stealing a car off Blair Ave. leading police all the way to neighborhoods off Ridgeway St. From there a foot chase began putting neighbors on alert.

In a matter of two hours, these individuals drew a heavy police presence in quiet communities not only putting innocent bystanders in danger but also a child.

The camera barely catches it, but you can see the tail end of two officers chasing the third suspect through yards after they hid in backyards.

“It was kind of shocking seeing police officers jumping the gate from my backyard,” Bryan Vaughn said. “And then apprehending the individual right in front of my house, so I’m still at a loss of words right now.”

Two ladies off California Ave. who wished to remain anonymous recalled when they saw the first two suspects run down the road and jump through backyards.

“We were in the house when we noticed the police coming down the street,” One told us. “And so we came out and my mom said oh my god he jumped in my backyard. Then that’s when we got up and saw all the Police coming down the street. And then one took off across the church and they caught another one down the street.”

“They came from the left side of me and went across the street through a path and then the policeman came,” another witness explained. “He pulled out and ran behind them through these houses looking to see where they was.”

It all began when the three stole a Nissan Sentra off Blair St. Where a six-year-old child was also inside but made it out a short distance away. Now after a hectic evening, everyone is at peace knowing the suspects are behind bars.

“Obviously it could have been a lot worse,” Vaughn said. “But shoutout to JPD man they get a lot of crap but they do there job.”

It’s unclear if the suspects were armed and their intentions of stealing the car. There’s no update on the car owner’s condition.

Jackson Police close off Warner Ave. after recovering the stolen car from Blair St.

The Jackson Police Department is investigating a vehicle stolen from the 900 block of Blair Street.

A small child was inside the vehicle when it was taken, however, the child was found safe a short distance away.

The stolen Nissan Sentra has been recovered. The Vehicle was found in the 3800 block of Warner Avenue.

According to JPD, two individuals have been detained.