Churchgoers worship from the comfort of their cars at Cedar Grove Baptist

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FLORA, Miss. (WJTV) — Cedar Grove Baptist Church in Flora is taking social distancing to the next level.

Congregants worshiped from the comfort of their cars in the church’s parking lot at their first drive in Sunday service.

Pastor Curtis Strong said this is the ultimate test of faith.

“Without a test, there’s no testimony!” Strong said.

He said that his goal to make the service as similar to a traditional service as possible.

“We’ve been asked by the federal government to limit our people to 10 persons, six feet apart,” Strong explained. “We continued our worship service. We had to come up with innovative ways to do it. We decided we will have a drive in service. Just come to the church, park in the parking lot, let the windows down and we’re gonna worship god just like if we were inside the building.”

Deacon Leon LeFlore said that location does not matter when it comes to worship.

“It’s always good — wherever you are — to serve the Lord — inside or outside,” Leon said. “This is a sickness that’s going on all over the world and even though I’m not worried I strongly believe that this is the fulfillment of prophecy.”

His wife, Martha, added that the weekends without services felt incomplete… so this will be a nice for the time being.

“I was glad when the pastor called because missing service kinda does something,” Martha said. “It makes your Sunday not go as well to me.”

Pastor Strong wiped down anything that was shared between other church leaders and reminded his congregation that even the hard times are part of God’s plan.

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