City leaders discuss the future of Charles Tisdale Library

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The Jackson Hinds Library System is taking the next step in their plan to relocate Charles Tisdale Library.

WJTV 12’s Margaret-Ann Carter was there as they presented a floor plan to city council.

The original Charles Tisdale Library, built in 1976, is plagued with flooding and mold and has been closed for nearly 2 years, but Executive Director Patty Furr believes they’ve finally found the perfect location. 

As it stands the library system is paying $2,700 a month to rent a space to call home, at least temporarily, until the council can agree upon a new location.

Furr says the building they’re eyeing at 4795 i-55 North, provides a range of new opportunities.

“We could offer so many things in that building, including a teen center, which we’ve never had we could really get the kids off the street. We also have a bigger computer center, two huge meeting rooms, so we could do literacy tutoring, as well as Zumba and yoga and all kinds of things,” Executive Director of the Jackson Hinds Library system, Patty Furr, said. 

Furr predicts 72 thousand people would use the new library, as opposed to the 60 thousand that used the old charles tisdale library in it’s last year.

Located next to Mcwillie Elementary kids wouldn’t even have to cross Northside Drive to get to the building.

Councilman Kenny Stokes brought up the idea of rebuilding the Tisdale Library where it is, but Furr says that would be extremely costly.

“The mayor has received an offer for the building and it is far more economical to take a standing building that has plenty of space. Just tearing the library down could cost 60 or 70 thousand,” Furr explained. 

One thing that the council assured folks is they will keep the name of the Charles Tisdale Library

The council said they will meet again to discuss relocating the library further.

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