City leaders try to water down water controversy

Local News

Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba says a recent press conference conducted by Councilman Kenneth Stokes gave the public misleading information and that in many instances Stokes’ assertions are flat out wrong.

The Mayor is referring to a weekend press conference in which the Councilman cited various examples of Ward members either having an outlandish dollar amount on their bill or having their water turned off without proper due process.

Lumumba says the City will not begin cutting off ANY residences until after the Christmas holiday. He went on to say no one in Councilman Stokes ward has been cut off and no one with less than a two year past due account has been disconnected.

The Mayor says Jackson is in a critical situation and city finances can ill afford to be without that revenue.

Questions remain as to how the City actually gauges how much water each person uses, how correct is the process which is used to meter water and what to do if people find their bill to be unusually high.

If you have questions about your bill you can contact the City Public Works Division at 601-960-1872. 

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