City of Jackson supplying sandbags to those in need

Local News

People around the Metro are adding a layer of defense between their homes and any possible floodwaters.

WJTV 12’s Katey Roh stopped by the City of Jackson Public Works Department where people are picking up sandbags.

Heavy rains drenched the area Thursday…turning roads into lakes, people trapped inside their cars, and houses underwater.

Some people cleaning up haven’t experienced flooding like this before. Tommy Manning’s home flooded, “this is the first time it has done it because were on a hill so that was different that it came in because it runs of the both sides on it.”

And with more rain in the forecast, this time they’re staying ahead of flooding, instead of praying for less rain people are taking an active approach.

The City of Jackson is helping by supplying the free sandbags to anyone who needs them.

These sandbags will be supplied to anyone that needs them until further notice.

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