City of Jackson wants to ‘can the grease’

Local News

The City of Jackson’s “FOG” program is designed to limit the amounts of fats, oils and grease which end up in our sewer system.

The new ‘Can the Grease’ campaign encourages people to store their grease in used cans instead of pouring it down the drain. 

Public Works Director Bob Miller say grease trapped in sewers can lead to pipe damage and health hazards.

“Pipe blockages happen when fats oils and grease which are in liquid form while they are hot and are poured down the drain and solidify once they are cool and build up in the pipes. this eventually leads to sewer overflows and pipe breakages which ultimately introduce harmful pollutants into the waterways around

The city will be passing out red lids for people to use on top of the cans. Millers says storing grease will also help with home plumbing issues.

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